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My name is Chris Caines and I’m spending a year(ish) traveling the world in search of new lessons, purpose, and ways of thinking and being. It’s not a vacation, I don’t really like the term “burnout,” and if one more person makes a crack about Eat, Pray, Love I might actually spontaneously combust.

For me, leaving my job and the only country I’ve known is dramatic, but not all that radical. What would be more radical would be living a life I just don’t particularly feel like living right now when I am fortunate enough to not have to do so.

If you know me IRL, SeeCaines is probably the most on-brand title in the world for this site. My first name is Chris, I love homophones (C/See), and the only thing I enjoy more than puns are explaining them.

I welcome any travel suggestions and questions. You can contact me through the contact page, on social media @SeeCaines, or at You can also subscribe to a newsletter I’ll try to send out every so often below.